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5 Reasons your company needs a website

Not got a website yet? … Do you think you are  such a traditional company you don’t need a web presence?
Are you a “technophobe” who is frightened by the idea of having your own site?
Do you simply think, “Well we’ve managed without one so far”?
Time to rethink these ideas… 5 important reasons why you DO need a business website.

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Time is ticking for unsecure websites

We have previously written in our blog about the changes that are coming into effect regarding the display of websites urls in Google Chrome.

Time is ticking on this now as the date for marking websites that don’t have a valid SSL certificate as “Not Secure” is July 2018.

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How Load Time Affects Web Page Abandonment

People like websites which load quickly. And so does Google. In fact, Google likes superfast sites so much it now uses page-load speed as part of its ranking algorithm .

While web pages featuring elements such as slideshows and streaming video may help convey your company message, they may affect the page load time.

As the following charts show, a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load runs a high risk of abandonment.

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Why it’s a MUST to have a mobile-friendly website

The concept of responsive website design has existed for decades, but web developers began to recognise its full benefits as more visitors started using mobile devices during the mid-2000s. As web designers spent hours to ensure that their websites displayed correctly on desktop machines, smartphones and tablets, they realised the need for websites that “responded” to users’ devices whatever their size.

Today, more users access the web with mobile devices than with traditional laptops or desktops and if your website is still not responsive and requires visitors to pinch and zoom to view content, then read on to see the stats that show why it’s really time to have a revamp that provides a responsive design.

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What’s an SSL Certificate & does my website need one?

If you’ve noticed a plethora of articles about SSL Certificates for the web, you might be wondering what they are and whether your site needs one.

In January 2017 Google began (with Chrome 56), to mark pages that collect sensitive information such as passwords as non-secure if the site does not have an SSL certificate.

This was the first part of a staged rollout to encourage all websites to get rid of plain old HTTP and to move towards ALL sites to using HTTPS  in order to make a more secure internet.

So what does that mean for your website?

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