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The Power of Colour in Marketing 1 : Red

We are all programmed to respond to colour. Colours can affect our mood, thoughts and emotions, so it is important that when we are designing logos and branding a company that we take into consideration all that colour can suggest. The choice of colour for your logo and your website design can have a significant impact on the way that potential customers view your company.

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Why you should always register a domain in your own name

You’ve done plenty of research around possible domain names for your website,  chosen the right sort of suffix, explored the SEO possibilities of the name you have chosen,  have discussed the possibilities with your chosen web designer, and are now REALLY keen to snap up that perfect domain…


Where and in whose name the domain name is registered is really important for the future of your online presence.

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How to look at your web page in the way Google does

Your website attracts two kinds of visitors: 1. real people looking for a product or service and 2. search robots wanting to index your pages and rank the information they contain so that they may serve up the right content in response to a search.

Knowing just how Google finds information on your web pages will help you to make sure you provide the right content for search engines as well as human visitors. This will give you the best chance of ranking well in the search results.

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Google Chrome Promotes a More Secure Web in 2017

Google is endeavouring to move towards a more secure web and  starting in January 2017 (with Chrome 56), they plan mark pages that collect passwords or credit cards without HTTPS connection as non-secure.

This is the first part of a staged rollout that encourages websites to get rid of plain old HTTP. Their plan is to move towards ALL sites not using HTTPS  as being flagged as non-secure.

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What’s new in WordPress 4.7?

The latest version of WordPress, WordPress 4.7,  named “Vaughan” after the legendary jazz vocalist Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan, was released in December and is  available for download or automatic update through your WordPress dashboard.

This version of WordPress will be of most interest to web developers, but there are some benefits for those who want to self-build a website without too much technical knowledge.

Version 4.7 does not contain security patches, but it is always wise to keep up to date with the latest version of your website’s software as it is released – so update as soon as possible.

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7 Simple Tips for Keeping Your Website Secure

Increasingly websites belonging to all types of business are targetted by hackers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only big corporate websites attract visitors with malicious intent.

Whilst attacks on big companies (such as the DoS  attack on the BBC and the Irish National Lottery in September this year) make the news, anyone who owns a website with a content management system (CMS) that allows online login, could be a target for hackers.

If you are a website owner, here are 7 things you can easily do to protect your site:

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Super-quick way to generate a Wordcloud

Word clouds are useful for presentations and are great to emphasise important words in a graphical manner, making them more memorable. They are also particularly effective for drawing attention to social media posts.

The simplest way to create them is to use a word cloud generator. Here’s our favourite, easy to use word generator:

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