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Ely group of Internal Drainage Boards
Ely group of Internal Drainage Boards

Sample web pages from Ely Drainage Boards:

The Brief

Ely Group of Internal Drainage Boards had a very dated website which was not mobile friendly and which they had to rely on a web master to update.

Navigation for the 10 IDBs in the group was clunky and so information was difficult to find.

They came to Chadwick Design for a modern, responsive design with content management system to allow them to complete updates themselves.

The Design

Our design breaks the site into 10 clear areas, one for each Internal Drainage Board. All are accessible from clear links on the home page and also from drop-down menus on the main navigation bar.

each IDB has its own home page and specific side navigation which appears oneach of the pages relating to that Drainage Board. This makes navigation clear and simple.

Large images of flora and fauna in the areas helps to make the site attractive and to appear less “stuffy” than it might if there was only factual content on the pages!

A downloads manager allows for the tracking of the number of each pdf which is downloaded.


Yes. The pages respond to screen size and both the main navigation and the side navigation are both easy to use in mobile view.