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Brian Johnston – Official Website
Brian Johnston – Official Website

Testimonial from The Official Brian Johnston Website

Chadwick Design have designed different three websites for me -, Barn Productions, and the Design vocal group. In each case they have delivered exactly what I wanted, including multiple pages, audio clips and links to videos. They are bright and colourful, very easy to read and to navigate: you can tell at a glance where everything is. The pages are well laid out and they adapt perfectly to being viewed on a computer screen or a tablet or mobile phone. I have found it very easy to work with David and Lisa: they are always friendly and helpful with advice and respond quickly to any queries and I can highly recommend them.

Barry Johnston

Sample web pages from Brian Johnston official site

The Brief

The existing website had been online for many years and was looking decidedly dated! A modern, simple design which worked well on all screen sizes was called for.

The Design

BRIAN JOHNSTON was known as ‘Johnners’ to millions of cricket fans around the world. Fans still enjoy listening to his amusing commentating “Gaffes” ,  reading his funniest anecdotes, jokes and stories from cricket and lstening to the CDs he published.

This site is a library of those items.

It is also a site to provide news regarding The Brian Johnston Memorial Trust which offers scholarships to promising young cricketers. The CMS system to allows for news to be added in a timely fashion.


Yes, it is suitable to view on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop screens.