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Website Content Management Systems

Website content management systems (known as a CMS) allow the website owner to maintain their own site without needing to have any web design skills. Simply log into an online admin console with your own username and password and you will be able to add text and upload pictures easily to your site.
If you are confident using a Microsoft Word, then you would have no difficulty using a Website with CMS.

Why choose a CMS website?

  • Long-term reduction in website maintenance costs
  • Regular new content on your site will keep customers coming back to find out more about you
  • News and important information can be added quickly
  • Search engines like fresh content so your ranking can improve if you update regularly

Option One: Simple Website Content Management Systems

CMS Website design exampleThis simple CMS gives the ability to add pages, articles, links and images via an easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, then this package would be straightforward to use.

This are website content management systems for owners wishing to update the content of their site themselves, whilst also maintaining the look of a professionally designed website.

Training in using a simple content management (CMS) website

A simple Content Management website from Chadwick Design Ltd comes with 2 hours free training in using the CMS admin consol to update your website. We show you how to edit the existing pages and upload images and pdfs. We also show you how to add extra pages and the navigation links to allow visitors to view these.

Option Two:
An Interactive Experience for your Website Visitors

Website content management systemsData-base driven, website content management systems also offer huge opportunities for interactivity on your website. If you want more than a simple brochure website to display your services or products and more of an interactive experience for your customers, then a content management system could be the answer.

A CMS website can allow your customers to be able to submit articles to be published on your website, discuss ideas or share their expertise. This type of website can also provide a secure area where the content is for members only.

Just a few of the facilities available with advanced CMS:

  • Secure Members log-in
  • Members-only content / areas
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Petitions
  • Article Submission
  • Private Messaging
  • Newsletter mail out
  • Newsfeeds / RSS
  • Advertising
  • E-commerce shopping cart
  • Newsflash
  • Printable versions of pages
  • Polls
  • Website search
  • Automatic “Most popular” article lists
  • Multimedia facilities – enabling Video and MP3s

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Training in using an advanced CMS website

An advanced Content Management website from Chadwick Design Ltd comes with 2 hours free training in using the CMS admin consol to update the site. This will show you how to edit and update existing page, upload new images and pdfs and create links to these.

Furthermore, we demonstrate how to create additional pages and the links on the navigation bar. We will also provide instruction on how to use any specific modules or plugins which have been installed on your site such as banner advertising modules, an interactive calendar, a gallery or image show.

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