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Online Business Cards
Online Business cards

An online business card gives your company a professional presence online for a minimal investment.

Our starter offer includes:

  • bespoke design of a single web “card” with contact details
  • one FREE domain name
  • up to three email addresses
  • first year’s hosting FREE.

Still using a free email account such as Hotmail or Yahoo for your business?

What’s wrong with that? … Well what does it say about your company?

  • It was free – you can’t afford better
  • You’re a very small business
  • You don’t care about your company’s image
  • You are not professional
  • Maybe you can’t be trusted
  • You are a temporary business and might not be there to offer customer support

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In business, image is vitally important. If you want to appear reliable, stable and professional – the kind of business that your customers can trust, then you need a company domain name with your own email address: not, but

Having the email address is only half of the story. Every serious businessman will have their email address on their business cards and any prospective new customer will go straight to your domain to check you out. Finding nothing online, is like turning up at your plumbing business and always finding the blinds drawn and the lights off. Not very reassuring is it?

A simple, cost-effective solution is to have an online business card. This means you have have a reassuring web presence – you are a real business which won’t vanish overnight. It also means you have the opportunity to advertise your company online.

The company email will not only reassure potential customers that you are a professional business, but will be much easier to remember when seen on adverts or on the side of a van. Think of the difference between on the side of the van, and

Can your business afford to wait….


Choose a domain name
and call us on 01780 740893 to discuss whether it is available.



Send us your own photos and text for your online business card.

Choose up to 3 email addresses on your domain.




Sit back and wait for us to design the page for you [usually within 10 days…]
and set up the emails [usually within 5 days]

…What could be simpler?

A starter, online business card with email from Chadwick Design is just £200 + vat and includes:

  • Your own domain name
  • up to 3 email addresses
  • bespoke design
  • a single web page
  • using your own text and images as required
  • a mailto link to allow customers to email you direct
  • extra pages may be added in the future as required
  • one year’s free hosting [£59.88 +vat per year there after]