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Social Media

How to get your Facebook post timings right

Working out when is the best time to post on Facebook for your business is every bit as important as deciding what to post.

Get your timings wrong and it won’t matter how engaging your posts are, you’ll still be missing your audience. You need to know when your potential clients will be on social media rather than too busy at work or simply asleep!

The timing of your post matters!

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Read Receipts on Twitter DMs – how to turn them off

A new feature in Twitter, from September 2016, is read receipts.

Just as with iPhone Messages and Facebook Messenger, you can now see who has read your Twitter Direct Messages even if they have not replied.

Now I don’t know about you, but that’s not a feature I’m jumping for joy about! So here’s how to switch it off…

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How to ensure your Facebook Business Page shows when a visitor is not logged in

A Facebook newbie asked us how to make sure that their Facebook Business Page didn’t give an error message when visitors followed the link from an icon on their website.

Because they hadn’t changed the default Facebook settings, visitors following the link were getting a message saying “Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment”.

Now that’s rather like inviting visitors and then slamming the door in their face, leaving them to knock to gain entry. Anyone who is not logged in or doesn’t have a Facebook account, won’t be able to see any content to tempt them to explore further.

Seems like a quick blog post would provide the simple solution!

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Twitter: how to get more retweets, favourites and clicks [Infographic]

Social media is a very visual medium. Did you know that you are 35% more likely to be re-tweeted if you include a photo? (So you may be interested in websites offering free images.) Or that tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement of those without?

Take a look at this Infographic for more ideas on how to improve your Twitter engagement for your business.

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Social Media Marketing For Small Business – A DIY Guide [Infographic]

Design, content and SEO have always been at the core of any company’s web presence. However, it wasn’t until recently that social media marketing become a major source of traffic, especially for small businesses. While search engines have always leaned towards larger, more reputable brands with deeper pockets and teams of PR specialists and SEOs, social media has helped to level the playing field for small businesses.

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Want to be a Social Media Rockstar? [Infographic]

As we move into 2016, new SEO trends are emerging left and right. Some were predictable, others are more shocking. One thing that isn’t surprising anyone, is the continued focus on mobile-responsive web design. If your content isn’t readable and user-friendly on mobile devices, then you need to make a change, now.
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5 Myths About Image Copyright Online [Infographic]

Have you ever “Googled” images and found the perfect picture for your website? It’s high quality and suits your services exactly…

Were you tempted to download it because you think Google wouldn’t serve it up to you if you weren’t allowed to download it? Or you think that once an image is loaded to the web it loses its copyright? Or you are a not-for-profit group so non-one will mind if you use the photo?

STOP! Reconsider, because it could be a very expensive mistake if you  download an image which is subject to copyright. Here’s a quick run-through of 5 myths about copyright online…

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How often should you post to social media? [infographic]

Almost every business is now on at least one social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or simply LinkedIn.

Once you have built up a following, nothing looks worse than finding your last post was three months ago, but there is a danger also in posting too often. Too many posts can become an irritation and rather than building a relationship with potential customers, you can have them rushing for the “hide” button.

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