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Online Page-turning Brochures
Flip-the-page brochures

Why not let us convert your existing hotel brochures, catalogues, product manuals, training guides , property particulars and holiday brochures into a virtual, online page-turning brochure equivalent. These can save on printing costs, are easy to distribute, yet have all the professional appearance of paper copies.

In all probability your business has boxes of brochures or leaflets in the back of the cupboard that are now out of date. Not only does that waste paper, but it also is a waste of the cost of printing. There’s nothing you can do with them except pop them in the recycling. With online-page-turning brochures, you avoid this scenario.

Why choose a flip-the-page online brochures?

They make savings on your marketing costs by:

  • Eliminating printing costs
  • Removing the cost of stamps and envelopes for distribution
  • Being cost-effective because flip-the-page booklets can be created from existing .pdfs
  • Improve your carbon footprint by preventing wastage – no out-of-date stock left in cupboards
  • Save both paper and  storage space

They are fast to distribute:

  • There are no boring tasks to complete, stuffing envelopes
  • You don’t need to wait for Royal Mail to distribute the brochure
  • Your brochures and manuals can be emailed to your client’s inbox within minutes

They are a useful marketing tool:

  • Page-turning brochures  are easy to share with colleagues and friends
  • They can contain links to your website and so will drives traffic to your site
  • A page-turning booklet can even include video with sound sound or a virtual tour of your premises

These booklets can also be distributed as CD-presentations or on a CD-business card.

All our page-turning brochures and manuals are responsive and so display on tablets and smart-phones as well as on desktop PCs.

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