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Lavinton Lamb Ecommerce Web Design, Stamford
Lavinton Lamb Ecommerce Web Design, Stamford

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Ecommerce Website and Blog Design for Stamford sheep farmer

The Brief:

A website with a “Wow” factor and in a hurry!

The client needed a website liveĀ  in time to coincide with an article in the Country Living magazine and an appearance at the Country Living Fair. We had just 2 weeks to create this bespoke design!

The Design:

The full-width images of the farm and the shepherdess with her sheep help to show that Lavinton considers animal welfare a top-priority. The quotes from Michelin-starred chefs are testimonial to the special quality of the lamb the farm breeds. The design places emphasis on educating visitors about what makes Lavinton Lamb different from supermarket lamb, but there is also e-commerce facilities to allow visitors to buy online.

There is also a blog to allow the client to keep in touch with repeat customers, to provide recipes for their lamb and to share stories about life on the farm.

Responsive Design?

Yes. The site responds to the size of screen on which it is used: mobile, tablet or desktop PC, making the e-commerce shopping cart easy to use on all devices.