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Amelo Coaching
Amelo Coaching

Sample web pages from Amelo:

The Brief:

To create a brochure website for a life coach to promote the services offered and to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch.

The Design:

This is an example of one of our 6-page small business website packages. Content was not expected to change often so this site does not have a CMS to allow for the client to make updates themselves. It is a static html website.

The home slider highlights some of the problems that people might have which could be solved by employing Amelo Coaching. There is also a page outlining the benefits of using Amelo.

phone numbers appear prominently on all pages and there is also a simple contact form to hide the email address from the spam robots and to make it simple for potential clients to get in touch.

The FAQ page has a concertina effect to show all the questions in a small space and the answers appear with one click. Testimonials are shown in a simple slider.


Yes. This brochure website responds to the size of screen on which it is viewed.