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5 Reasons your company needs a website

Not got a website yet? … Do you think you are  such a traditional company you don’t need a web presence?
Are you a “technophobe” who is frightened by the idea of having your own site?
Do you simply think, “Well we’ve managed without one so far”?
Time to rethink these ideas… 5 important reasons why you DO need a business website.

why you need a website

  1. Anyone looking for your trade, service or product will start with a Google search
    Most people will turn to the search engines when they are looking for a carpenter, a garage to repair their car, for gift ideas for a special occasion, or for just about any trade, service or product. If you don’t have a website, then you are missing out on these searches. If you are not there for Google to find, then you’ll stand no chance of being served up in the search results!
    Conversely, having a website with analytics installed, will allow you to see which pages are most visited and what keywords were used to arrive there. This makes it simple for you to see what services or products are most popular.
  2. A website is a permanent advert for your business.
    When you meet a potential customer whilst networking, you give someone a business card or if your company is recommended by an existing happy customer, the first thing people will do is check you out online. If they cannot find any evidence of your company, they will not be reassured… perhaps you are a really small business… can they trust you to be available for after-sales support? A website is reassuring because it can act as a permanent online brochure. It can showcase your products or services, give information about how your company works,  provide testimonials from satisfied customers, host videos from your business and offer a simple way for visitors to get directly in touch.
  3. The internet works 24 hours a day
    Long after your physical shop or office has closed for the day (or weekend) your website will be available to provide information on your business. This means you are able to catch customers who are searching late in the evening, early in the morning whilst you are still eating breakfast or even when your business is closed for your yearly holiday.
  4. A website is time and money efficient
    The set-up costs for creating a professional website might seem a big layout at a few hundred pounds. However, unlike adverts in printed magazines and newspapers which are chargeable each time you place them, this is a one-off cost. Many websites come with content management systems to allow the site owner to log into an online web panel and make alterations to the text, images and pdfs on the site themselves at no additional cost. The only ongoing cost is the hosting for the website and this might be as little as £4.99 a month.
  5. Your competitors have a website
    Need we say more! If your competitors are online, they stand a good chance of being served up in the search results when potential customers are looking for your product, service or trade… in NOT being online, you are leaving the door wide open for searchers to go to your competitors!