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Build trust: put your phone number in your web header

If you have a phone number for potential customers to call, make sure you place it prominently.

The best place for your company phone number is in your web header – and make it BIG!

Here’s why….

Trust Is Important in Converting Visitors to Customers

show your phone number

People are more likely to buy from you if they feel good about you. They need to feel sure that they can trust your company – not just to sell them what they want, but also to deal with any problems they might encounter. Some visitors will simply have a question about a product and won’t commit until they have the answer to that question. Placing the phone number in a prominent place, or having online chat, immediately makes it easy for them to contact you. This also gives you the opportunity to tell them not just the answer to their question, but also all the benefits of your product or service. This is good customer service and people are more likely to buy from companies which offer good customer service. They want to know that if they have a problem with what they have bought, there will be a real person they can speak to who will sort the problem for them. It gives your company the credibility and trust it requires in order to be successful.

The phone number on the header is as good a marker for trust as a prominently displayed “Money-back Guarantee” or “Free Postage” messages. Like the money-back guarantee, most site visitors will never want to use this option, but the fact that they know the service is there, gives them the confidence to buy from you.

Adding a clear phone number will not mean a flood of calls and people choosing to order over the phone instead of online. For most visitors, it’s just a reassurance that if they do need to call, they can easily. However, if someone DOES want to call you, the absence of a prominent number will simply become a frustration and that can result in a lost customer.

While you are at it – make your phone number clickable on mobile devices. Making it simple to get in touch with you when browsing your site on a mobile or tablet will greatly reduce frustration levels and increase your credibility.