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5 Surefire Signs your website needs an update

Remember  the trend for jelly shoes, leg warmers and shoulder pads? If you once wore these, chances are you were fashionable in the 80’s… but are you still wearing these now? It’s unlikely!

Web design follows trends too and if your website was created even 10 years ago, in all likelihood it will look seriously old-fashioned. It might have been state-of-the-art when it was built, but web technology mores so fast, that even if you think your site still LOOKS ok, it could be frustrating and off-putting to visitors.

site needs and update

1. On a mobile do you have to squint and pinch to view your pages?

It is definitely time to take action if your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

According to Zenith “Seventy-five percent of internet use will be mobile in 2017”  and Impact reports that “57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site”.

How many potential customers will you have lost if your site frustrates anyone visiting from a mobile or tablet?

In addition to this, as from May 2016 Google changed its search-engine algorithm to “increase the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal.” In other words those websites that are mobile-friendly will rank better in the mobile search results than those which do not.

2. The design of your site hasn’t changed for years.

Outdated, small graphics shout “old”. When internet connection was over the telephone line via a slow modem, images had to be quite small or they took too long to appear on the page. Now the trend is for large, full-screen width imagery which will load quickly on the latest high-speed broadband lines. Likewise, earlier fashion was for blinking images to attract attention but modern web pages, by contrast, utilise simple, flat designs. It is not important to keep your website right-up-to-date with the very latest trends, but if it is so far behind, your company will be seen as old-fashioned and behind the times. Since the website is your shop-front online, that’s not a good image to project.

3. Your content says “old and out of date”

As your business develops, your website needs to reflect the changes. Visitors will spot when your site isn’t current (got a news page that’s not been updated for 6 months?) and will form their impression of your company based on that.

What does your copyright on the footer say? If it’s anything other than this year’s date, then it is creating a bad impression!

Updating your content frequently is not only good for keeping real web visitors up to date with your company, but it keeps search engines happy as well. One way that Google determines ranking for web pages is by checking for new, fresh and relevant content on sites.

 4. Your social media presence is invisible on your website

If you already have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest account for your business, then you are bang on trend! Social media is a great way to market your business and the search engines rate those pages with frequent traffic and interaction positively. It is therefore a good idea to link your website and social media accounts. Having a social media feed on the site or icons linking to your various pages, will do this and also encourage visitors to click through and follow you.

5. Your website ranks below page 3 on Google

That puts your company in the back-of-beyond! If you wish to be found in the search results, you need to constantly check the SEO of your pages and to be sure that Google’s algorithm changes haven’t affected your site. Having a site with a good CMS system which allows you easily to add fresh new content to the site yourself, will ensure you have a good chance to attract the search engines, and improve your ranking.

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