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Avoid YouTube Suggested Videos on your Website

Creating videos can be very effective way to promote your business. Repeated studies have shown that websites and blogs with videos are likely to get more hits. Videos are also highly linkable and so visitors are more likely to share them. Uploading your videos to YouTube is a great idea since YouTube is also used as a very popular search engine.

It’s really simple to then embed the video onto your own website so it plays from within your page. But BEWARE! If you are not careful, when your video ends, visitors may be offered totally unrelated videos to watch next.

Are your visitors watching funny cat videos on your website?

Of course funny cat videos are a distraction, but it could be even worse, visitors could be shown videos supplied by your competitors! How embarrassing would that be?

suggested videos

To avoid this all you need to do is turn off the “show suggested videos” when you grab the embed code.

Find your video and click the “share” button beneath it.

share YouTube Video

Then choose “Embed

share video

BEFORE copying the embed code, click the “SHOW MORE” option.

Choose the size of video you would like.

Then make sure you UNTICK “Show suggested videos when the video finishes

avoid suggested videos on YouTube