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Facebook settings to disallow face recognition

face iconFacebook have recently rolled out face recognition on its UK accounts. This means when friends upload photos, Facebook automatically scans all the faces and is building a huge database of named photographs of Facebook users.

The privacy setting in Facebook is, by default “Suggest photos of me to friends” . If you do not wish to have your name suggested for tagging every time an image of you is uploaded, here’s how to change the settings:

1. Log in to Facebook and go to your account. From the drop-down, choose “Privacy Settings”. Choose “Custom ” on the left-navigation and then the “Customise settings” link at the bottom of the list.

Things other share2. Under the heading “Things others share” you will see “Suggest photos of me to friends”. Click edit settings.

This brings up a the description and setting for “helping friends label and share their photos of you”. It will be set to “Enabled” by default. Click to disable, then OK to save.

Disable suggest photos