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What are the benefits of a blog to your business?

No matter what your business sector, a blog is a valuable and cost-effective tool for marketing your company. If you already have a website, why not add a blog to it (skinned to match your site). Regularly updating a blog on your own website will add new content to give visitors a reason to keep returning and will also attract the search engines and improve your ranking.

But there are other compelling reasons for your company to start blogging:

1To help build relationships with your customers– blogs can be used as a communication tool between you and your existing and potential customers. They can give you a way to communicate in a more personal and approachable way.
2Blogs are a form of viral marketing
– they encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Visitors to blogs are encouraged to comment on content and one posting can generate a number of responses from other bloggers. In this way discussion about your product or service is circulated on the internet.
3Blogs are search-engine friendly
They are easily tracked (or spidered) by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If you post regularly, you will be creating new content and search-engines love new content!
A good reason to have a blog on your own website!
4To help you develop your product or service
– creating a dialogue through the blog with your end-users, you can get the great customer research without having to pay a penny! You can use the comments made on the blog to help you to develop your products and services.
5To provide a backup resource for your customers  
– a blog can be set up to provide technical support for customers as well as somewhere to  share knowledge. What’s more,  blogs are fully searchable, so customers can find the information they are looking for.
6A blog can set you apart from your competitors
– it is an ideal forum for demonstrating your expertise. If a visitor finds the answer to a problem by reading your blog, they are more likely to turn to you when they buy your product or service.
1To communicate with your staff
– a blog is a useful way for a larger company to share information with its own staff and can work well as a company noticeboard, keeping them up to date with developments in the company.

8They can work in tandem with other social media– did you know that you can automatically add content to your Twitter account when you blog? This means that your followers on Twitter will be encouraged to click through to read the full posting on your blog.

See an example  of a WordPress blog with bespoke theme design to match existing website.