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Want to be a Social Media Rockstar? [Infographic]

As we move into 2016, new SEO trends are emerging left and right. Some were predictable, others are more shocking. One thing that isn’t surprising anyone, is the continued focus on mobile-responsive web design. If your content isn’t readable and user-friendly on mobile devices, then you need to make a change, now.
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5 Magic ways to improve your website ranking

Once upon a time, not so long ago in the land of the internet, the advice for getting a good ranking in the search engines was to stuff your website with keywords. Put them in the hidden meta description, in the meta keywords and make sure  to include them repeatedly in the content of the page. Some website owners even tried keyword-stuffing by adding loads of key phrases as white text on a white background – sneaky hey? It really does make it sound like sprinkling a little keyword-dust would magically make your website number 1 in Google.

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5 Myths About Image Copyright Online [Infographic]

Have you ever “Googled” images and found the perfect picture for your website? It’s high quality and suits your services exactly…

Were you tempted to download it because you think Google wouldn’t serve it up to you if you weren’t allowed to download it? Or you think that once an image is loaded to the web it loses its copyright? Or you are a not-for-profit group so non-one will mind if you use the photo?

STOP! Reconsider, because it could be a very expensive mistake if you  download an image which is subject to copyright. Here’s a quick run-through of 5 myths about copyright online…

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Web site Design Past, Present & Future [Infographic]

In just twenty years web design has progressed from white pages with blue links, to picture-rich sites which respond automatically to the size of screen on which they are used.

This infographic runs through a brief history of web design from the first published site through the introduction of html and CSS. present trends in responsive design and on to predictions for the future of web design and online technology for the future.

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Internet Explorer 8, 9 & 10 to be buried on Tuesday

Internet Explorer has long been the bane of every Web developers’ working life, but here’s some good news: Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 will reach ‘end of life’ on Tuesday 12th January,2016. This means they will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

If you are still using these outdated versions of Internet Explorer,  on January 12th, you will get a prompt to upgrade to the latest version of the browser.

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How often should you post to social media? [infographic]

Almost every business is now on at least one social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or simply LinkedIn.

Once you have built up a following, nothing looks worse than finding your last post was three months ago, but there is a danger also in posting too often. Too many posts can become an irritation and rather than building a relationship with potential customers, you can have them rushing for the “hide” button.

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Adding social media icons to your email signature

If you are seeking more followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, here’s one quick tip for encouraging likes and follows:
Add social media icons to your signature in Outlook.
Think how many emails you send out during the course of a week. If you don’t share your social media links on each and every one of these, you are missing a simple trick for encouraging engagement!
Read on if you don’t know how to do it…
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Creating the Perfect Remote Work Environment (Infographic)

Working from home means it can be really difficult to motivate yourself. There’s the dishwasher to unstack, daytime TV is suddenly not so banal as it was, and since you are still in your pyjamas you might as well finish reading the paper whilst you drink your coffee! Yet working remotely or even starting your own business working from home can be a really rewarding way to earn your daily crust.

Here’s  advice on how to set up your work space to minimise the distractions and to keep yourself motivated.

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10 Ideas for Adding Text to Images for Maximum Impact

If you are busy being social on Facebook, Twitter and the like you’ll know the power of images. Every post you make will work better when accompanied by and eye-catching image. If you want to also make some of those images into marketing messages, then you’ll be adding text to them.
The danger is that your text can just NOT sing! If you are not careful, it can be plain BORING.
Here are 10 ideas for making the text on your images look really sparky!

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