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6 Simple Tips for Keeping your WordPress Site Safe

How secure is your WordPress site?
Hackers are constantly looking for, and discovering, vulnerabilities in WordPress and in the plugins that are used to extend functionality in WordPress. Any out-dated plugin or version of WordPress is a potential vulnerability. So what can you do to ensure your WordPress website is kept secure?

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Internet Explorer replaced by Microsoft Edge

Time to celebrate? The browser “Internet Explorer” is being fazed out!
Internet Explorer has always been the bane of every web designer’s working life, not being standard-compliant, causing glitches in the display of web designs and adding hours of extra work to any project (particularly with IE6 and 7) to ensure that designs looked and worked the same across all browsers.
Although the recent versions of IE have been much improved, the news that this browser is being replaced in Windows 10 with a new browser called Microsoft Edge, seems like a reason to hang out the flags!

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Images You Can and Can’t Share on Your Blog [Infographic]

Nothing makes a blog post looking more inviting to read than a great picture, so it might be tempting to “borrow” one you’ve found online to make your post sparkle.

But beware, you could be infringing copyright. Take a look at this Infographic by Intella Blog for tips on how to tell, how to search for approved images and how to give them proper attribution…

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5 Mistakes to avoid with DIY websites

Today there are so many online tools that make it easy for a  company to create  their own website and if money is tight it can be tempting to see this as a cost-saving exercise. Perhaps a nephew has offered to help and since they spend half their waking life with eyes fixed on an iPad or a mobile, then surely they will understand how to get the company an online presence? This route will certainly be cheaper in the short term than engaging a professional web designer, but in the long term the DIY web route may be a costly mistake.

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