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Search Snippets & How Google Creates Them [Video]

A snippet is what Google calls the link and the short description for your page when it appears in the search results.

If you ever wondered how Google decides what should appear in the snippet, read on to to watch Max Cutts from Google explain.

You might also want to know how to influence what’s used in the snippet : create a great one yourself and yours is more likely to be used.

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Social Media Marketing For Small Business – A DIY Guide [Infographic]

Design, content and SEO have always been at the core of any company’s web presence. However, it wasn’t until recently that social media marketing become a major source of traffic, especially for small businesses. While search engines have always leaned towards larger, more reputable brands with deeper pockets and teams of PR specialists and SEOs, social media has helped to level the playing field for small businesses.

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8 Beginner Tips to Make the Most of your Page Titles

The page title (also known as the meta title) on your website is an important area to get right for SEO purposes.
Firstly it helps the search engines to determine what your page is about and secondly it helps the searcher to decide if yours is a page worth visiting.

The page title is not the title that appears in the content on your website, but rather it is what appears at the top of the screen in the browser tabs on your PC; it also is the title that is used when a page is bookmarked and perhaps most importantly, it is generally (but not always*) what the search engines use as a link to your page in the search results. The page title usually forms part of the snippet in the search results.

Here’s our 8 best tips for getting the most out of your page titles.

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Awesome things that blogging can do for your business [Infographic]

Why is adding a blog to your business website such a great idea?

If you regularly keep a blog, visitors reading it will have the opportunity to:

  • Be inspired by your service or product
  • Be assured of your competence and knowledge
  • Discover new products they didn’t know you offered
  • Receive support, hints and tips

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Foil the hackers – take regular back-ups of your website

Over the past few months 100s of websites have been subjected to ransomware. Previously, ransomware was a potential problem on PCs which did not keep their anti-virus software up to date. When a user clicked on an infected link, the files on their computer were encrypted and locked. In order to regain control of the files on their computer, owners were asked to pay a ransom in bitcoins.

Now, hackers are targeting websites with the same intention of holding the site owner to ransom.

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How to add Alt-tags to Hikashop Products for Joomla 3

A client had an update to Hikashop for use with Joomla 3 and the new layout caused him a bit of head-scratching.  The earlier version of Hikashop had the option for an alt-tag or title for the product image as you uploaded it. The latest version has a lovely new, clear layout for product information and image upload, but where, oh where had the option for the alt-tag gone?

As I’m sure you are aware, alt-tags on images are important for accessibility and also for search-engine optimisation. It is important to make sure all your images have them. So, if you are struggling to find this option, read on for the simple explanation of where it is!

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Want to be a Social Media Rockstar? [Infographic]

As we move into 2016, new SEO trends are emerging left and right. Some were predictable, others are more shocking. One thing that isn’t surprising anyone, is the continued focus on mobile-responsive web design. If your content isn’t readable and user-friendly on mobile devices, then you need to make a change, now.
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