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Adding social media icons to your email signature

If you are seeking more followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, here’s one quick tip for encouraging likes and follows:
Add social media icons to your signature in Outlook.
Think how many emails you send out during the course of a week. If you don’t share your social media links on each and every one of these, you are missing a simple trick for encouraging engagement!
Read on if you don’t know how to do it…
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Creating the Perfect Remote Work Environment (Infographic)

Working from home means it can be really difficult to motivate yourself. There’s the dishwasher to unstack, daytime TV is suddenly not so banal as it was, and since you are still in your pyjamas you might as well finish reading the paper whilst you drink your coffee! Yet working remotely or even starting your own business working from home can be a really rewarding way to earn your daily crust.

Here’s  advice on how to set up your work space to minimise the distractions and to keep yourself motivated.

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10 Ideas for Adding Text to Images for Maximum Impact

If you are busy being social on Facebook, Twitter and the like you’ll know the power of images. Every post you make will work better when accompanied by and eye-catching image. If you want to also make some of those images into marketing messages, then you’ll be adding text to them.
The danger is that your text can just NOT sing! If you are not careful, it can be plain BORING.
Here are 10 ideas for making the text on your images look really sparky!

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How to create language overrides in Virtuemart 2

Out of the box, the Virtuemart ecommerce component for Joomla is rather Americanised in the language it uses. If you wish to change the terms to British standards you’ll need to create overrides for the language files. So if you, for example, want to change “Your Cart” to “Your Basket” or  “Shipping” to ” Delivery”, how do you go about it?

It is actually really simple.

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What are Social Signals & why does your business need them?

A few years ago social media was just a tool for socialising; a way to keep in touch with friends and family from miles away and to feel part of their lives by sharing their photos and news.

Today people spend a huge amount of time on their smartphones and tablets catching up on what’s happening in the social media world. Not only do they interact with friends and family, but they follow celebrities and also businesses and products in which they are interested. Whether you run a restaurant, a gift shop or a bakery and whether you are a plumber, a stone mason or a book-keeper, you can now expect to promote your company through social media.

So what are social signals and how can they help your business?

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Are online orders to be delivered by crows?

That’s a question we might have asked when one of our clients explained how they wanted the delivery options of their Prestashop online shop to be managed. In most online stores, the delivery methods and prices are zone-based (usually by country, county or postcode). Our client however, wanted a ‘local delivery’ option, based on the distance between their depot and the delivery address – ‘as the crow flies’ . This was quite an unusual request, because for charging purposes calculations are normally based on the actual driving distance by road. After all, goods are delivered by lorry rather than by crow!

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Smiley face, Yay! – New Facebook “Reactions”

For some time now there have been calls for a “dislike” button on Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg has now announced that they are testing a new feature called “reactions”.

This is 6 cartoon emoji rather than a simple “like” button, that you will be able to use  to indicate your feelings towards friends’ posts: love, haha, yay, wow, sad, and angry.

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7 Simple Tips for Keeping your WordPress Site Safe

How secure is your WordPress site?
Hackers are constantly looking for, and discovering, vulnerabilities in WordPress and in the plugins that are used to extend functionality in WordPress. Any out-dated plugin or version of WordPress is a potential vulnerability. So what can you do to ensure your WordPress website is kept secure?

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Internet Explorer replaced by Microsoft Edge

Time to celebrate? The browser “Internet Explorer” is being fazed out!
Internet Explorer has always been the bane of every web designer’s working life, not being standard-compliant, causing glitches in the display of web designs and adding hours of extra work to any project (particularly with IE6 and 7) to ensure that designs looked and worked the same across all browsers.
Although the recent versions of IE have been much improved, the news that this browser is being replaced in Windows 10 with a new browser called Microsoft Edge, seems like a reason to hang out the flags!

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