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5 Mistakes to avoid with DIY websites

Today there are so many online tools that make it easy for a  company to create  their own website and if money is tight it can be tempting to see this as a cost-saving exercise. Perhaps a nephew has offered to help and since they spend half their waking life with eyes fixed on an iPad or a mobile, then surely they will understand how to get the company an online presence? This route will certainly be cheaper in the short term than engaging a professional web designer, but in the long term the DIY web route may be a costly mistake.

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High Quality Free Images for your Blog or Website

High-quality images can make a huge difference to the appearance of a website. If you have a Content Managed Website that you can update yourself or you are keeping a blog, then you may be looking for great photos on a regular basis. It might be tempting to take a look in Google images, find the perfect picture and “borrow” it for your site. You know that picture will make your page “sing” and you don’t have anything similar yourself, so where’s the harm?

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Google’s Mobile-friendly Algorithm

Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji , a member of the Webmaster Trends team,  was quoted today as saying  that the mobile-friendly ranking algorithm Google will launch on April 21st will have more of an impact on the search results than the Google Panda and Penguin updates did.

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Responsive website for Lavinton Lamb

Sophie, from Lavinton Lamb, came to us seeking a new website which she needed in a hurry. She was to appear in a Q&A session at the Country Living Fair  and was also featuring in the April edition of Country Living magazine. She realised that her existing website did not give the best impression of her product and came to Chadwick Design with just a fortnight to spare before she wanted a new site to go live.

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